KU is committed to educating leaders, building healthy communities, and making discoveries that change the world. We know that academic research creates positive solutions that make a practical, daily difference in the lives of our fellow Kansans and the world.

Through research and service centers at our campuses and throughout the state, we address such societal issues as mainstreaming education, environmental policy, highway safety, e-learning, biodiversity, child language development, and elder care.

We educate pharmacists, physicians, nurses, and therapists for hospitals and clinics across the state. Police officers, firefighters, and first responders receive training in new procedures. Our public radio network provides news and entertainment. Lawyers, doctors, city administrators, and teachers benefit from our professional development programs.

Collaborative programs in 14 counties counter teenage alcohol use. Scientists at the state geological and biological surveys, based at KU, fan out over Kansas to study agriculture, animal life, water usage, and oil fields. Video hookups permit community doctors to confer directly with specialists at the Medical Center, which also sponsors an alliance of regional hospitals and research units for cancer diagnoses and care. And thousands of visually impaired persons enjoy newspapers and books read by volunteers at our Audio-Reader radio service.

In these and dozens of other ways — direct service and long-term research, annual workshops or special conferences  — KU works for Kansas.

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